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Make it stick
By Nethan 9/11/2015 6:31 AM Comments

I re-discovered the joy of sticker books when my son was gifted one for Christmas. This first book (I don’t remember the name of it) kept him busy for a good part of one evening, allowing me a few hours of uninterrupted chores. I would peek quickly over his shoulder as I went about tidying and would see him carefully remove a sticker off it’s backing or lowering one on to a carefully selected position or sitting back to admire his work. The sticker book itself was built around a story – but left to his own devices, my son was building his own story with the stickers at his disposal. I made a mental note then that a sticker book would be a good investment.


Some weeks later I came upon Usborne’s My first Sticker Book. Already a fan of the Usborne series, I did not need so much as a second thought to buy ourselves one. The drawings were endearing and the pages were a true reflection of the quality that one might expect of Usborne books. The stickers don’t tear when pealed off, the paper is stiff enough, so they don’t curl and stick to themselves, when being handled by little fingers and if the little fingers have gotten it wrong, they are not that hard to pull off and reattach. (But mind you, this is not a reusable book. I don’t think the stickers can take that much handling).


As always, I cannot ignore a book’s language teaching abilities, as I am after all, a speech and language therapist by day. This book has this quality in spades. It’s perfect for teaching concepts (colours, shapes, size), prepositions (under, near, between) and other new vocabulary. As we often do when working on a child’s comprehension, this one is full of instances where a child of two or three is challenged with little and medium sized instructions – for example ‘Put the big, brown cow in the field’.


Of course, to make the most of the book, this will need adult support. On the other hand, if you so wish, let the child have free reign and watch the big, brown cow submerge to the bottom of the deep blue sea or take up some other equally amusing / worrying position. The First Sticker Book also has alphabet and number stickers, if you and your child are so inclined.


About a year later, we followed this up with a Lego sticker book. My son was sold out on super heroes and Lego by then and this seemed a cheaper way to keep his thirst alive without having to invest in pot loads of Lego. Needless to say, he has spent many a happy hour with this book, looking at super heroes from various angles and placing them in all sorts of challenges and opposite a bewildering range of villains. We have since discovered some other sticker books, though we always seem to veer towards the Usborne creations. Another recent favourite of ours is the Human Body sticker book…imagine an interactive human body encyclopaedia. The act of looking for a sticker of the heart, reading to see where it might go and what it might do, seems to make information…just stick to your mind that much better.


If your child is already reading, that’s great. Just let them loose on one of these books. If your child isn’t reading, then it would be wonderful if you could support the activity. But don’t worry if you’re having one of those days, when you just can’t sit down long enough to work with your child. Your child will have fun with it any way you let them. Just don’t be surprised when you see the heart placed around the toes….after all, it’s a small price to pay for a quiet evening!

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